Wealth Management

Your Financial Life on Track

We don’t just manage wealth. We also help you build it.

You’ve arrived. You’re here because you’ve completed the Financial Planning process and you’d like us to help you bring your plan to life.

Wealth Management is our full-service collaborative experience for professionals and their families who want year-round access to professional financial advice and guidance.

With Wealth Management we help you take the steps to turn your dreams into reality and create a secure financial future.

Your Secret Financial Weapon

Wealth Management Helps You Stay on Track


Stay on Track

Your Financial Plan showed you how to get on track with your finances. Now Wealth Management can help you stay on track.


Track Your Progress

Your Financial Plan showed you how much to save and where. Wealth Management helps you – year after year – track your progress.


Here to Help You

Your Financial Plan answered your big money questions. With Wealth Management, we’re here to help you with the small ones too.

Wealth Management For Your Whole Life

Your wealth is more than just investing.
It’s about helping you with all things money for your whole life.


Team of Experts

With Wealth Management you now have access to a team of experts second to none. They are there for you year round ready to help with financial advice, tax know-how and guidance so you stay on track.


Smart Investing

Investing isn’t the goal, we invest for your goals and help you be a smarter investor. The markets will go up and down but you will sleep well at night knowing you’re invested in quality. Now, you can retire from retirement planning.


Annual Update

Your Financial Plan is a living plan. As your life unfolds and your needs evolve, so should your Financial Plan. You don’t have to figure it out on your own. Together, we’ll review your progress!

New to The Lifestyle

Financial Planning is the first step to letting us help you with all things money. If you haven’t completed your Financial Plan with us yet, click learn more to get started.

New to The Lifestyle

Financial Planning is the first step to letting us help you with all things money. If you haven’t completed your Financial Plan with us yet, click learn more to get started.

Boutique Experience Backed by Big Business

We’re a boutique financial planning and wealth management firm with decades of experience backed by some of Canada’s largest and most prestigious insurance and investment companies.

Your Investment in Wealth Management

The better you do, the better we do.

The fee for all Wealth Management services, including understanding your risk profile, establishing your asset allocation, investment management by the portfolio managers and a comprehensive annual review and progress report is determined by the assets you invest.

It’s your money. For this reason, there are no sales charges or set up fees.

If the assets you invest through us are less than $500,000, you will pay the retail price of the investment fund. The industry refers to this price as the Management Expense Ratios or MERs. A declining fee schedule is in place for assets over $500,000.We share with you the MERs for each fund you’re invested in and we aim to ensure you’re invested in quality funds with competitive MERs.

Let's Bring Your Plan to Life!

Your financial life is more than investing.

We’ll help you with all things money so you protect your lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Kind Words

Don’t just take it from us, read some kind words from people who work with us!

Personalized touch. Good advice. Having a person I can trust in my back pocket for life changes and questions. So much of finance is about mindset. I love how Lynn goes deep in our sessions to help me see what’s possible for my future. Lynn’s the best.


Thank you for your excellent guidance and support in all things financial. I look forward to a long association and will continue to promote your considerable talents – I consider it a gift I can give to people.


When Lynn makes recommendations on investments and insurance products for me and my family, I know it’s because she is focused on doing the right thing for ME. I trust her. She takes care of me. I wouldn’t work with anybody else. Thank you, Lynn.


Don't Be Shy

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