Take Financial Control and Reap the Rewards

A Story of Financial Success

David and Natalie were newlyweds and wanted to get organized around their money. They were introduced to us by a happy client. David and Natalie wanted to take financial control to build a secure financial future, together.

They weren’t starting at zero. They had deposited the cash they’d received as wedding gifts into term deposits. David was taking advantage of his workplace benefits including a health and dental plan and a retirement savings plan. Natalie, being self-employed, had put disability and critical illness insurance in place. Natalie’s brother and father are both Chartered Accountants, which meant they’d also had some help with good tax planning. All of this was a great start, but as they looked to the future they knew it wasn’t enough.

David and Natalie then discovered they were pregnant. Babies can be a powerful motivator, and it was time to stop dreaming and take financial control. Big, new responsibilities loomed!

Start With Your Goals

David and Natalie’s immediate financial goal was to start saving more. They had good cash flow and wanted to be putting their money to work in a purposeful way. They knew if they didn’t force themselves to save that they’d end up spending it.

Their five-year financial goals included buying a house. And as Natalie continued to build her physiotherapy practice, her near-future dreams also included owning her own physiotherapy location.

With a baby on the way they also wanted to ensure they had enough life and critical illness insurance in place to protect their lifestyle and each other.

Gain Financial Control With a Plan

We put a plan together that was personal to them. A roadmap of action steps that started first with what they wanted to achieve, and continues to grow from there. We helped them implement a plan that would protect their lifestyle so they can flourish financially today and tomorrow.

We love this work.

David and Natalie are learning to be financially wise. In the busyness of their lives they made time to gather information and talk openly about what’s important to each of them. And now they’re reaping the rewards!

Rather than roam the financial wilderness and hope to stumble on the right path, David and Natalie have taken financial control and carved their own way.

You can too.

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