Impossible Financial Goals Become Possible

A Story of Financial Success

When we met, Mark and Angela were a professional couple in their early 30’s. They loved travel and adventure and enjoyed the good things in life. They supported their lifestyle with good incomes and they were pretty good at saving. However, they felt sure their money could be doing more. They wanted to get clear on some financial goals, including to protect their incomes in case of unexpected injury or illness so they could continue enjoy their lifestyle.

Gloomy Outlook

Mark was downright gloomy about the cost of real estate in Vancouver. (Who wasn’t?) He and Angela wanted to start a family, but given the escalating cost of housing, it didn’t seem possible to give his children the same experience his parents had given him – growing up in a home the family owned.

Together we worked out a plan and clarified their unique financial goals. We got their money working in tax-sheltered investments so it grew faster, and in just four years, Mark and Angela purchased their first home. Not a condo. A home, with a yard – just like they’d dreamed.

Advice Helps

In the beginning, Mark and Angela thought their financial goals were impossible. By reaching out to the professional financial advisors at The Lifestyle Protector and taking action, amazing things happened.

Today, Mark and Angela check in regularly. They ask for advice as they want or need it, and each year we connect to review where they’re at financially and we make course adjustments as necessary.

Goals Are Realized

Magic happened when Mark and Angela were able to get clear and put their money towards what was important to them.

This story is not the exception but the rule. This “magic” is the coolest, best and most rewarding part of our work. Can you see why we love it?
Thank-you, Lynn, for all you and the team do for us.
Mark and Angela

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