Success Stories

Disability Insurance for Professionals

Luke and Diana had invested a lot in their education and their business. They believed they’d both always be healthy and that illness or injury couldn’t or wouldn’t happen to them. But life happens.

Newlyweds Learn Money Management Together

Philip and Hayley were a young professional couple about to get married. They started the conversation with The Lifestyle Protector, Philip declared that “money management wasn’t his thing.”

Bringing the 401K To Canada

Mary was a Canadian citizen and resident who’d spent 6 years of her professional life in the USA. We met because Mary was looking to bring the money she’d invested while working there, back to Canada.

Impossible Financial Goals Become Possible

When we met, Mark and Angela were a professional couple in their early 30’s. Making good money and being good savers supported their lifestyle, but they felt sure their money could be doing more.

Life After The Family Business

There’s a feeling: You’re living the dream and you’ve got the cat by the tail. Which is awesome. Except you’re not totally sure where the cat is headed… That was Sam and Gail.


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