Wealth Management Vancouver

Build a path towards your future that is bright and protected.

Wealth Management Vancouver

Build a path towards your future that is bright and protected.

Plan With Expert Guidance

Your financial plan has accomplished all of this:

  • Getting you on track with your finances
  • Helping you plan your savings and investments
  • Knowing what it takes to be protected
  • Answering your big money questions

Wealth management is the next step in:

  • Helping you stay on track with your plan
  • Building your wealth with quality investments
  • Tracking your progress and milestones
  • More guidance as life unfolds and changes

Once your financial plan is in place, our wealth management services will help you take steady steps to boost the positive progress you’ve already started. Together, we can tweak your plan any time as your needs evolve.

• What To Expect •

Your financial life is more than just investing for your aims. In addition to investment management, receive regular Plan Progress updates and maintain access to our team for those one-off questions that come up as your life changes.

Getting Started

Investment Management

We set up and manage your investment accounts to help you stay on track for the actions in your Financial Plan. If you hold investments elsewhere, we’ll help you streamline your financial life by transferring your investments as well.

Staying on Track

Plan Progress Updates

Your financial plan isn’t a one-time event. It’s an ongoing process to help you manage all areas of your financial life so that you make positive progress toward your future. Because life is dynamic, monitoring your plan and making any adjustments is critical to staying on track.

One-Off Advice

Your Questions Answered

You have a direct line to our team. Whenever you have a question or something changes, we’re here to support you. You’ll hear from us from time to time, and more regularly if you receive our weekly eNewsletter, but there is value in getting your questions answered as and when they arise.

What It Costs

As Certified Financial Planners®, we have a duty of loyalty to you, our clients. Our interests are aligned with yours. The better you do, the better we do.

We do not accept or pay referral fees. If we refer you to another professional, it is because we believe they are good at what they do and can help you – not because we get paid from them.

The costs to engage our Wealth Management services are straightforward and transparent, see the table to the right. 

Assets Under Management

Admin and Advice Costs

From $0 to $500,000

Retail MER

From $500,001 to $2,000,000


$2,000,001 and above


• Kind Words From Clients •

We trust Lynn. She helped us to flush out our financial goals and then came up
with a plan to fit those goals. Since we started working with Lynn, we no longer stress about whether or not we’re doing the right things.

— Sean

The Lifestyle Protector™ is committed to acting with integrity and placing your interests first.

Turn Your Aspirations Into Reality

Our team understands that you have aspirations for what and who you care about, now and in the future. Finding a way to make those aspirations a reality can be challenging in life.

Get the help you’re looking for to turn your aspirations into reality and create a financial future that is bright and secure with our integrated Wealth Management Services.

P: 604-833-0348
E: hello@lifestyleprotector.ca
A: 1322 - 1111 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC, V6E 4M3

“The future depends on what we do in the present.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

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