Estate Planning Vancouver

Protect your family, your assets, and your legacy.

Estate Planning

Protect your family, your assets, and your legacy.

Protecting Your Wishes & The Ones You Love

Designing a future that is bright and secure with a comprehensive financial plan is your first priority. Ensuring your plans work beyond your lifetime for the next generation or the causes you championed while you were alive are important features of your estate plan.


• What To Expect •

Leaving a legacy of love means you’ve taken the time to consider how you’d like to be remembered and shared this in an organized way with those who care about you most. Making time to plan can be difficult for busy families. We’re here to help.


Know Your Priorities

Most of us don’t like to think about our own demise. But, if we’re lucky and we live a long life, even those of us who believe we’re immortal will need to decide what we want to happen to the things we’ve accumulated during this lifetime. There’s no carry-on baggage we can take with us when we depart this planet.

The first place to start with your Estate Plan is determining what’s important to you. Do you have children and how do you want to provide for them? Do you have a favourite charity you’d like to donate to? Thoughtful estate planning starts with reflecting on what matters to you most and how to communicate your wishes when you won’t be able to speak for yourself.


Plan For The Expected

The first and most important step in protecting those you love is to make a will. Your will sets out how your assets are distributed and who is nomiated, your executor, to handle your affairs including your funeral and burial arrangements.

It is also important to have other documents in place like your power of attorney and your medical representative. Most of us will simply fade away rather than experience a sudden demise. Should you be unable to manage on your own, these documents will provide the authority for others to help you manage your wealth and your health.


Explore The Unexpected

While your will is an essential cornerstone to ensuring your wishes are understood at the time of your passing, not all of your assets need to be included to successfully pass them on to your beneficiaries. Your letter of wishes can also be helpful in communicating after you’re gone.

There are also several estate planning tools you can use, like life insurance, to enhance your estate while keeping your wishes private. There are also segregated funds that help to pass your non-registered investments directly to your beneficiaries, outside your estate. In many cases, these tools help to reduce estate administration fees and avoid probate (the process of verifying the will). Feel confident your family and loved ones will receive what you intend for them by exploring all your options.

Simplify Your Executor’s Role

When your loved ones are grieving, paperwork should be the last thing on their mind. Estate at Ease, brought to you by Canada Life, can help make the process as straightforward as possible.

Estate at Ease helps executors by completing all the paperwork to wind up an estate and mailing these documents to them, ready for their signature. This service can make a significant difference in streamlining the wind up of your estate.

• Kind Words From Clients •

I highly highly recommend Lynn as one of those rare professionals who genuinely cares, provides a warm personal touch, while providing expert holistic advice.

She can answer questions ranging from “how much do I need to save now in order to retire comfortably?” to “what kind of insurance makes the most sense for me now and into the future?”

She always welcomes my questions and she’s been a life saver for me in many ways! I absolutely recommend Lynn to anyone who wants to be smart with their money and maximize their resources.

— Jaeny

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One thing we all have in common is that we want as much life as we can get out of our money. Join Lynn Williams, host of the Money Conversations podcast, as she guides you on understanding what it means — and what it takes — to protect your lifestyle now and in the future.

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