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The holiday season is truly upon us, but you may not feel like you have much to celebrate right now. It’s been a pretty intense fall season. Increased market volatility can make it difficult to focus on gratitude. However, as most of us know from our careers: what you track improves. So, by focusing on all the good in your life and on the future that inspires you, you will tap into a sense of power and gratitude. 

No matter how old and wise you become, the reality is that you’re never going to be able to control the markets or the economy. There are a few things you can control – your savings and spending; your asset allocation and your emotions. 

Having control over your emotions, I’d argue, has much more to do with your overall returns that the markets themselves.

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Committing to automate and/ or increase your savings and investing now means you’ll benefit from market volatility through dollar cost averaging. 

Of course, knowing that you have a financial plan in place that is working effectively towards your long-term goals and security is also a large part of shifting your focus to the positive. Before you get too busy with holiday commitments, let’s discuss wrapping up your investing year, and start making some plans for 2019.

The OECD released their latest global Economic Outlook this week. Trade tensions and tightening financial conditions are the underlying causes of the latest market downturn and volatility. While global growth has peaked, the OECD believes the global economy is set for a soft landing. 

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