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Saving money for your summer vacation

Saving money for your summer vacation doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your lifestyle, it just means you have to spend and save your money more wisely.

Five Tips to Face Financial Fears and Manage Money Better

“How can I be at this stage of my life and still not have a handle on my money?” Sound familiar? If you’re privately embarrassed about your finances, you’re not alone. Many successful people have struggled with their money at some point.

Four Numbers You Ought to Know for Retirement

Some people ask when they are young – they have a keen sense of time that I lacked when I was their age, and they have many years to prepare. Others approach me when they are mid-career, as their kids leave elementary school and they feel as if life is going by far too fast; if the next twenty years go as fast, they think, how will it be possible to save enough for retirement?

Two Strategies to Manage Investment Volatility

In today’s environment of low yields, we must look to investing for any hope of long-term returns greater than inflation and taxes. The primary challenge, though, is that the stock market will always be far more volatile than leaving money in the bank.

Five Ways To Teach Kids About Money

At one time, kids didn’t have to worry about going to university or owning a home. Education was cheap. Mortgages were affordable. But, now with the increase cost of education and the increase size of mortgages, not to mention access to easy credit, money management is needed from a young age.

Four Tips For Financial Success

Have you ever noticed how nature doesn’t rush? Each element of nature seems to wait patiently for its turn to flourish. From one season to the next it miraculously unfolds. It doesn’t try to rush ahead. Nature is equally elegant on stormy days as it is on sunny days.


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