Happy Holidays 2022

One of the wonderful things about this time of year is the chance it gives us to connect with you, our cherished friends and family. This time last year we were with family in Victoria, Canada for Christmas and it was not nearly so cold.

You may recall we purchased a property on Vancouver Island early last year and throughout 2022 we made efforts to develop house plans for our Nanoose Bay property. By October we had finished plans for an almost 4,400 square foot “mansion” for our modest block. Something was clearly amiss. We are so very grateful our family has an architect, Rick Phillippe, who came to our rescue. He has helped get our plans back on track. It is now a more reasonable size and, quite honestly, a much better designed house. Our building journey will continue in 2023 with further design refinements for local building code and budgeting the build. More adventures ahead!

For Lynn, the year started requiring a steep learning curve as new client reform legislation kicked in. New software, new client engagement requirements, and new trading practices all contributed to an exceptionally busy January and February.  2022 also marked the twenty-fifth year of The Lifestyle Protector. Thank you to Gary Leung, Lynn’s cousin and a talented graphic artist, for designing our logo to mark the occasion.

The Lifestyle Protector 25th Anniversary Logo

In April, Jon celebrated turning 60. He was appropriately fêted with a couple of family and friends gatherings as well as a BBQ with car club buddies. He even had happy birthday piped for him. A nod to the many years Jon spent working in Scotland.

We quite like the Japanese idea of Kanreki. For the Japanese, rather than being seen as getting older, 60 is viewed as a rebirth. The reason for this is when a person turns 60, they have gone through the Chinese zodiac cycle a total of five times and are now back at their original birth zodiac. Simply put, turning 60 is viewed as your chance to start over again. We think it’s a beautiful way of thinking of our later years!

Tessa, Jon’s daughter, graduated from the University of Victoria in the spring with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in music education. And, of course, Jon was there in person to watch her cross the stage. Congratulations, Tessa, on this important milestone. We look forward to seeing where your career will take you.

In May, the inaugural sister weekend was established as Laura, Lynn and Suzanne headed first to Calgary to start to sort out the boxes and boxes and boxes of family photos. Laura and Suzanne surprised Lynn, early, for her birthday with two relaxing days in Cranbrook. ♥

After the sister weekend, Lynn and her friend, Alyson Ball, having made a marathon effort to fly from Charlottesville, Virginia to Calgary, headed to Banff for a few days. It was another post COVID adventure reminiscing and enjoying time exploring the area. Early May was perfect timing as it was before the tourist season kicked into full swing and the weather was improving so we could enjoy the outdoors. Although Lake Louise was still snow covered.

Lynn did eventually get COVID the week of her July birthday, so celebrations were at home and over zoom. It wasn’t all bad, Lynn didn’t have to share the decadent chocolate cake her sisters sent. She got to eat it all by herself! 🎂

In late September we headed to Australia for 3 weeks. Jon’s lifelong friend Colin Nicholson was getting married, and Jon was the best man. We flew into Brisbane and then on to Adelaide. Upon arriving we immediately headed south of Adelaide to Willunga Beach. Colin and his wife to be, Roslyn, had organized a week of wine tasting, site seeing and visiting with family and friends. They were married overlooking the ocean. A beautiful location for a very special occasion. And, Jon’s best man’s speech was heartwarming, entertaining and not too long. 😊

Jon and Friends - Colin's wedding

After the wedding we spent a couple of days in Adelaide before heading to Tasmania to visit Jon’s niece, Nicki along with Jon’s sister, Sue, Nicki’s mom. Sue had flown in from New Zealand. After Tasmania, Lynn flew to Melbourne to spend several days with one of her closest friends, Linda Sewell, and son, Isaac, while Jon headed for Coffs Harbour to meet for, the first time, cousins on his birth-mom’s side. They were wonderfully generous and welcoming cousins. We reconnected in Brisbane where we had the chance of a brief visit with Jon’s friend Rosalie and daughter, Ava. A highlight for Lynn was staying 3-nights in Brisbane with her dear friend Cathie Day and family, Stephen, Oliver, and Millie along with their 2 lively schnauzer dogs. The trip was a much-needed lift for both of us. There are so many moments we loved and cherish. Seeing and connecting with long-time friends and family – many not mentioned here – was particularly heartwarming. A 2023 project for Lynn is a photo book of the holiday!

Hardworking Jon has had plenty of hours with the Ironworkers Union this year (2400 hours). He has been fortunate to have worked consistently on site in North Vancouver, close to home. We are both very grateful it has panned out that way. May 2023 hold more of the same.

In December, we became season ticket holders for the Vancouver Warriors Lacrosse team. Superb family entertainment even if the team does need improvement. After all, Lacrosse is Canada’s national sport.

We will be gathering in Vancouver this year for Christmas. Definitely a change for us. But we are looking forward to hosting Lynn’s sisters and families for festivities. Also, there will be 19 of us for Xmas dinner at cousin’s, Tim and Lisa Findlay’s. Fingers crossed the weather warms up!

As we now approach the end of another year, we want to wish you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous 2023.

Lynn + Jon