We cherish this time of year as we slow down, reflect and connect with you, our friends and family.

This year started as no other. Like so many others, we spent the holidays at our place in Burnaby by ourselves – no family, no travel, no gatherings. We purchased and put up a tree! A first for us as we usually travel to Victoria to spend the holidays with Lynn’s family or, on occasion, to New Zealand to see Jon’s family. Xmas decorations are usually limited, but Lynn made an extra effort to add some cheer.  We have booked the ferry and we’re excited to be heading to Victoria once again.

As was the focus last year, this year had a property theme. We took a day trip to Nanaimo and surrounds on Vancouver Island in between Xmas and New Years last year. When we got home we made an offer on a piece of land in Nanoose Bay. We were outbid by a no subjects competing offer. A set back but not a defeat as we continued our search and made an offer on a different property that was accepted on the 2nd of January 2021. We now have an investment property in Nanoose Bay where we will eventually build a home and move to. We’ll keep you posted!

We have been very fortunate to both have kept working throughout the pandemic. Something we are truly grateful for. Our professions are both classified as essential, which helps. The pandemic is impacting mental health, in general. However, for those working from home, as Lynn has since March 2020, the social isolation and burnout are real challenges. We feel for you if you’re in this situation. Keep your chin up, this too will pass. At least that’s what Lynn is telling herself. 😊

Tessa, Jon’s daughter, is close to finishing her studies at the University of Victoria in Music Education. She seems to be a natural leader having served on the Music Student Association in her second year and now the coordinator for Bandfest 2022, a non-competitive concert band festival held each year at UVic. She is doing what she loves and seems to be happy with her choices.

Also exciting this year, Jon purchased a 1939 Ford Coupe in April as a pre-60th birthday present to himself. He’s always had a love of hot rods, having owned a couple in the past, and with an inheritance he was able to purchase something special and rekindle his hobby in Canada!

Because of COVID restrictions easing, we were able to do more as the year progressed, In August, we flew to the family cottage in Saskatchewan and spent time with Lynn’s sisters and families, we adventured to the action-packed Vancouver Rugby Sevens in September with cousins, Tim and Lisa Findlay, we gathered as family for Thanksgiving in Victoria and started to see friends at home and at various small gatherings.

As we now approach the end of another year, we want to wish you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous 2022. We’re thinking about you!