Financial Planning

Create positive progress toward your most cherished aims and aspirations.

Financial Planning

Create positive progress toward your most cherished aims and aspirations.

A Financial Plan Designed for Progress

You can expect us to talk about all aspects of your financial life – your cash flow, savings, investing, debt, assets, family circumstances – combined with your dreams – to create a plan that fits your real life and designed to help you make progress.

Financial Planning Personalized to You

A plan that reflects all your investments, not just the ones with The Lifestyle Protector. A plan that identifies strengths and opportunities as well as risks and gaps. The ability to look at your options and adjust your plan, timeline, or objectives any time. If you’re off track, we let you know – and recommend ways to get back on track.

How We Help

We help understand your life’s big picture.

Step 1

Tell us about your life.

Personal finances are, well, personal. Share with us what about money is important to you. Also, share key details about yourself and your money — things like your salary, what you own and who you owe money to, when you’d like to stop work and your important aims and aspirations.

Your financial plan is personalized to you. No two plans are alike. We’ll start from where you’re at and build from there. All aspects of your financial life are covered – cash flow, debt, saving, investing, property and risk – not just the insurance and investments you hold with us. Let’s start creating your future today.

Step 2

Get your personalized Financial Game Plan.

We use your info to design a financial game plan to help you get on track to reach your dreams. We walk you through every aspect of the plan. Whether your focus is short-, medium- or long-term, you’ll have a comprehensive financial game plan designed to protect your lifestyle and help you make progress.

    • Stop second-guessing your decisions.
    • Remove spending and investing uncertainties.
    • Know your financial independence (a.k.a retirement) number.

Step 3

Start where you are.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or coming to us with some level of financial planning or strategy in place, don’t worry we’ve seen it all. One secret many people don’t know is that you’re more likely to save at double the rate when working with a financial advisor as compared to going it alone.

You’ll also more readily take advantage of opportunities and close gaps. Now that’s what we call protecting your lifestyle for the rest of your life. With a comprehensive financial plan you’ve paid for, you know that all aspects of your financial life will be considered. And, in certain circumstances, the financial planning project fee can be waived. We share how at our first meeting.

Kind Words From Clients

There is nobody as thorough as Lynn when it come to looking at your overall picture. I only wish I had met her in my 20’s to help create a plan and not be as crazy with my money.

— Peter

Find Your Financial Confidence

Your future depends on what you do today. Our aim is for you to be outrageously happy with a plan you can be proud of and a financial future you can feel
confident about. If you want to stop winging it and start creating your future today, let’s talk. Schedule your 30-min complimentary session today!

P: 604-833-0348
A: 1322 - 1111 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC, V6E 4M3

“The future depends on what we do in the present.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

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