The Vancouver Entrepreneur Podcast

Lynn Williams with The Vancouver Entrepreneur

Lynn is a successful financial professional, marketer, business owner and CEO. As a professional financial advisor and owner/president of “The Lifestyle Protector”, Lynn is motivated to see business owners and professionals do more with their money so they can get to where they want to go, sooner. She specializes in wealth and lifestyle planning for business owners and professionals. Building confidence and developing options that fit their life, regardless of what life has in store for them.

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Madeleine (Maddy) Baker Podcast

On this episode, we talk to Maddy Baker. Maddy is a multilingual procurement professional with more than a decade of direct and indirect sourcing and HR experience. She is also very generous with her time by serving on different boards and sharing her wisdom with women entrepreneurs as well as volunteering with charities close to her hear. Today she’s going to share with us how she looks at money. We’re excited to have her on the show.


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