Behavioural Cash Flow Plan: 10 Signs You Need One

A Behavioural Cash Flow Plan™ is not a budget. It’s a plan that helps you manage your day-to-day cash flow. It’s a plan that takes into account both your financial obligations and your long-term goals. It is a plan that provides specific and clear advice on both spending and debt repayment. It helps you FIND the money to fund your short-term dreams while saving for the future.

A Behavioural Cash Flow Plan™ provides you with guidance when it comes to future costs — like purchasing your next vehicle, handling emergencies, and planning for major expenses such as renovations. Most importantly, a Behavioural Cash Flow Plan™ helps to fund your dreams!

Here are 10 Signs a Behavioural Cash Flow Plan™ is for You:

1. Your retirement plan is not fully funded. This means you can’t prove for sure you will have enough money saved to retire.

2. Your retirement goals and plans are based on replacing a percentage of pre-retirement income, rather than based on your actual expenses projected into the future.

3. You had to turn down insurance recommendations that would protect your family’s income because of the cost.

4. You still take out car loans more than 10 years after starting your career.

5. You have a major life goal that requires saving for.

6. You have not yet maxed out your TFSA.

7. You are retiring in the next 10 years and will have to live, at least partially, off invested assets.

8. You would like to have a written plan in place that motivates you.

9. You had to withdraw money from an investment, or halt an investment strategy, for reasons or purposes other than what that money was being accumulated for.

And the MOST DEFINITE sign you need a Behavioural Cash Flow Plan™ is…


If you agreed with one, two or almost all of the above signs then a Behavioural Cash Flow Plan™ could help you take control of your money to achieve your short-term dreams as well as help you save for the long-term.I’m uniquely qualified to help! Make Contact today and set up a time to learn more about how a Behavioural Cash Flow Plan™ can help you start dreaming again.