About Us

Here to help you make positive progress towards the future by putting all the pieces of your financial puzzle together.

About Us

Here to help you make positive progress towards the future by putting all the pieces of your financial puzzle together.

Our Purpose

We add humanity into financial planning, with an emphasis on future-proofing and making positive progress.

Our Values

Our values emphasize on passion for doing good and is relationship-focused.

Our Mission

We inspire, mentor, and support women in all stages of life to take control of their finances, lifestyle, and future.

Lynn Williams

Owner of The Lifestyle Protector. CPA, CA, CFP, CCS®

With a longstanding legacy in financial and professional services, The Lifestyle Protector has transformed a traditional approach with women in the financial passenger seat to one where they are ultimately empowered to manage their wealth.

Led by Lynn Williams, a successful financial professional who is passionate about helping all women create financial security, The Lifestyle Protector’s team of brilliant specialists help to secure their client’s lifestyle and future.

Established by Lynn’s father Dave Williams in 1997, the business has roots in both Saskatchewan and British Columbia. The Lifestyle Protector aims to be a safe haven for people who are looking to future-proof their lifestyle. Building a relationship with the people at The Lifestyle Protector means having a personal guide to support your financial journey.

Read Dave William’s memory book or obituary.

Client Service

Our client service team is committed to helping you get on track and stay on track.

The team is supported behind the scenes by brilliantly savvy financial specialists with decades of expertise and experience. From investment, tax, and insurance to specialized product knowledge, you’ll benefit from best-in-class distinctive knowledge second to none.

Kind Words From Clients

Giving thanks to Lynn and her team. We know this is only the beginning of a long lasting, prosperous relationship. We are smiling from ear to ear. Give Lynn a call so that you will smile too!

— Conny

• Our Services •

Life unfolds. Needs evolve. Plans change. What’s important to you?

Financial Planning

If you’ve ever wondered “what more could I be doing to be smarter with my money?” we can help! With your Financial Plan, we’ll make sure you’re checking all the right boxes, and not missing a single opportunity to make progress towards your most cherished aims and aspirations.

Wealth Management for professionals and families – Lynn Williams

Wealth Management

Bring your Financial Plan to life with our full-service collaborative Wealth Management experience. We’ll help you with all things money related. You’ll have year-round access to the professional advice, guidance and resources needed to stay on track as life unfolds and needs arise.

Estate Planning for professionals and families – Lynn Williams

Estate Planning

With an Estate Plan, your loved ones will know what was important to you and how’d you like to be remembered. It could be one of your greatest acts of love. Of course, it also involves important legal documents and strategies to minimize fees and tax as well as ways to leave a lasting legacy.

Lead Your Finances

We are passionate about doing good work. With that, our main aim is for you to be so outrageously happy with the work we do together you wouldn’t hesitate to introduce us to friends, family or colleagues that may need our help. The road to financial security begins and ends with you. We’re simply a guide, helping to make the journey more enjoyable and more satisfying.

P: 604-833-0348
E: hello@lifestyleprotector.ca
A: 1322 - 1111 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC, V6E 4M3

“The future depends on what we do in the present.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

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