Financial Planning and Solutions for Professionals and their Families

The Lifestyle Protector delivers something different.


We’re a modern financial planning firm for Professional Families and Late Starters. We help you understand how to put your lazy money to work and build a personalized, comprehensive financial game plan to help you achieve what’s most important to you – even if you’re starting late.

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Lynn Williams, CEO

What You Can Expect From Us

The big picture.

From beginning to end we discuss every aspect of your financial life #Comprehensive

Help you make progress.

Once you have your plan, we provide ongoing support and guidance #LifestyleManagement

We won't jump the gun.

We won’t advise you how to invest until we know what you’re investing for #Solutions

We cut through the jargon.

You’ll understand and feel confident about your financial choices #Smarter

A personalized plan by humans.

Smart technologies support our work and conversations. It doesn’t replace them #Modern

It’s time to think differently about your money.

Get ready! We’re about to help you get your financial house in order.


The Lifestyle Plan

If you’ve ever wondered “what more could I be doing to be smarter with my money?”, we can help! We’ll make sure you’re checking all the right boxes and not missing a single opportunity to be smarter with your money.

You work hard for your money, you should know it’s working hard for you!


Whether you’re starting from scratch or coming to us with some level of strategy in place, we discuss it all!

> Evaluate your current situation

> Uncover your financial goals

> Put you lazy money to work

> Pull all the pieces of your financial puzzle together in one BIG picture

> Get an investment strategy that helps get your money working harder

> Optimize your investments to save tax

> Help you automate your savings

> Ensure your biggest asset, your income, is protected

> Help you make progress

> Answer all your money-related questions

Wondering if The Lifestyle Plan is right for you?

Kind Words

Giving thanks to Lynn and her team. We know this is only the beginning of a long lasting, prosperous relationship. We are smiling from ear to ear. Give Lynn a call so that you will smile too!


There is nobody as thorough as Lynn when it comes to looking at your overall picture. I only wish I had met her in my 20’s to help create a plan and not be as crazy with my money.


We think back at how lucky we all were to have met and got to know your father, such a nice person. He helped us out so very much! Now we appreciate your help. Thank You!

Tim and Marilyn

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Planning eliminates the need to keep your fingers crossed.

Plan for your future. Don’t compromise today!



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