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Financial Planning for professionals and families – Lynn Williams

Financial Planning

If you’ve ever wondered “what more could I be doing to be smarter with my money?” we can help! With your Financial Plan, we’ll make sure you’re checking all the right boxes, and not missing a single opportunity to make progress towards your most cherished aims and aspirations.

Wealth Management for professionals and families – Lynn Williams

Wealth Management

Bring your Financial Plan to life with our full-service collaborative Wealth Management experience. We’ll help you with all things money related. You’ll have year-round access to the professional advice, guidance and resources needed to stay on track as life unfolds and needs arise.

Estate Planning for professionals and families – Lynn Williams

Estate Planning

With an Estate Plan, your loved ones will know what was important to you and how’d you like to be remembered. It could be one of your greatest acts of love. Of course, it also involves important legal documents and strategies to minimize fees and tax as well as ways to leave a lasting legacy.

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There is immense value in comprehensive financial planning and good financial decision making.

Independent research confirms higher levels of wealth, comfort and confidence is achieved by those who use professional advisors on an ongoing basis.

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With a comprehensive financial plan,

you are more likely to ...



Have Greater Levels of Financial Well-Being


Have Greater Peace of Mind


Achieve Your Life Goals

Lynn Williams Financial Planner Vancouver

Lynn Williams, owner of The Lifestyle Protector. CPA, CA, CFP, CCS®

I’m Lynn Williams

You’d think having a father as a financial planner would have given me a head start with my finances. Not so. My dad, as generous as he was, didn’t talk about money. He thought I was going to grow up, get married and my husband would take care of me.

My mother had other ideas. She encouraged me to get educated and earn my own money. I became a chartered accountant and am now also a certified financial planner.

I’ve made plenty of money mistakes on my journey from money novice to owner of The Lifestyle Protector. Now my main aim is to be a safe-haven and guiding light for professionals like you to build financial confidence and create a future you’ve always wanted.

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