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Financial Planning and Solutions for Professionals and their Families

The Lifestyle Protector delivers something different.

We’re a modern financial planning firm for Professional Families and Late Starters. We help you build a personalized, comprehensive financial game plan that puts your lazy money to work and helps you focus on achieving what’s most important to you – even if you’re starting late.

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 Our Promise to You

Big Picture Financial Planning comprehensive

Understand your big picture.

From beginning to end, we discuss every aspect of your financial life #Comprehensive

Financial Planning will help you make progress #WealthManagement

Help you make progress.

Once you have your Financial Plan, we provide ongoing support and guidance #WealthManagement

Know why you're investing before deciding how

We won't jump the gun.

We want to know what you’re investing for before we advise you on how to invest #Solutions

We cut through the jargon.

We use plain language so you’ll understand our recommendations and feel confident about your financial choices #Smarter

A personalized plan by humans.

Smart technologies support our work and conversations. It doesn’t replace them #Modern

With a Comprehensive Financial Game Plan, You Are More Likely To …

Source: The Value of Financial Planning, commissioned by FPSC in conjunction with the Financial Planning Foundation


Have Greater Levels of Financial Well-Being


Have Greater Peace of Mind


Achieve Your Life Goals

We Work With You Throughout Your Whole Life

Work With Professional Financial Advisors

Financial Planning

If you’ve ever wondered “what more could I be doing to be smarter with my money?”, we can help! With your Financial Plan, we’ll make sure you’re checking all the right boxes and not missing a single opportunity to be smarter with your money.

Professional Financial Advisors

Wealth Management

Bring your Financial Plan to life with our full-service collaborative Wealth Management experience. We’ll help you with all things money related. You’ll have year-round access to the professional advice, guidance and resources needed to stay on track.


Wondering if Financial Planning is right for you?

Kind Words from Our Clients

Don’t just take it from us, read some kind words from people who work with us!

Giving thanks to Lynn and her team. We know this is only the beginning of a long lasting, prosperous relationship. We are smiling from ear to ear. Give Lynn a call so that you will smile too!


There is nobody as thorough as Lynn when it comes to looking at your overall picture. I only wish I had met her in my 20’s to help create a plan and not be as crazy with my money.


We think back at how lucky we all were to have met and got to know your father, such a nice person. He helped us out so very much! Now we appreciate your help. Thank You!

Tim and Marilyn

Planning eliminates the need to keep your fingers crossed.

Plan for your future. Enjoy your lifestyle today!

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