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Guiding professionals and their families towards a financial future that is bright and protected. 

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The Lifestyle Protector™

Guiding professionals and their families towards a financial future that is bright and protected. 

Create Your Future Today

Welcome to the home of The Lifestyle Protector™. We’re so delighted you’re here. No matter where you are in your financial planning journey – just starting out, mid-career or a business owner looking for help and support to grow – we’ve got you covered. We’re here as a safe-haven and guiding light to help you make the progress you want towards a future that is bright and protected.

Get started today on your path to feeling financially confident and protecting your lifestyle now and for the rest of your life.

Create Your Future Today

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Life unfolds. Needs evolve. Plans change. What’s important to you?

Financial Planning

Financial Planning


If you’ve ever wondered “what more could I be doing to be smarter with my money?” we can help! With a longstanding legacy in financial and professional services, we have transformed the traditional financial planning approach for families – personalized and human. With a comprehensive Financial Plan, you will know that all aspects of your financial life have been considered – cash flow, debt, Insurance, saving, and investing. This is the start of getting your financial life in order!

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Set your Financial Plan in motion with our guidance and full-service collaborative Lifestyle Protector Wealth Management experience. Your financial life is more than investing for growth. In addition to investment management, you’ll have year-round access to professional advice and support, allowing you to handle whatever life throws at you. We’ll help you get set up and manage your investments. Regular updates are included so that we can recalibrate along the way. Get more life from your money.

Estate Planning for professionals and families – Lynn Williams

Estate Planning

One of the greatest acts of love is sharing what’s important to you and how you’d like to be remembered with your loved ones. With an Estate Plan, you can ensure your beneficiaries are supported through the transition of your assets. Leave a lasting legacy with assistance in place for reviewing legal documents and creating strategies to minimize fees and taxes as your loved ones begin to celebrate your life.

• Our PromiseS To You •

Getting started with your financial plan can be overwhelming. We’ve developed these promises to help make the process less intimidating and more enjoyable.

You First

When You Feel Good, We Feel Good. We are committed to acting with integrity and placing your interests first. #YouFirst

Understand Your Big Picture

From beginning to end every aspect of your financial life, not just the products you hold through us, informs your financial plan. #Comprehensive

No Complicated Jargon

Our aim is to use plain language so you understand recommendations and feel confident about your financial choices. #Clear

Personalized Plan By Humans

Smart technologies support our work and conversations. It doesn’t replace them. #Modern #Personalized

Make Positive Progress

Once you have your financial plan we offer ongoing guidance as your life unfolds and needs evolve. Building a long term partnership to help you make positive progress over the long term #Partnership #Progress #WealthManagement

Together we can explore options so you can make decisions best suited for you and your future.

Lynn Williams

Owner of The Lifestyle Protector™. CPA, CA, CFP, CCS®

Led by Lynn Williams, a successful financial specialist who is passionate about helping professionals gain confidence and create financial security, The Lifestyle Protector’s team of brilliant experts help you to secure your lifestyle and future.

At Lifestyle Protector™, we can assist you in understanding where you are and where you want to be.

Lynn Williams

• Kind Words From Clients •

An absolute superstar! I’ve been a client of Lynn Williams for the past 5 years, based out of Vancouver with my Interior Design agency.

Lynn took the time to explain how we could develop a mid-term and long-term financial plan, without all the confusing jargon that had turned off my husband and I from previous attempts.

Lynn is incredibly personable and really knows her business. I would recommend her to any potential client without hesitation.

— Kendall

How to Navigate Your Future

There is immense value in comprehensive financial planning and decision making. Independent research confirms higher levels of wealth, comfort, and confidence are achieved by those who use professional advisors on an ongoing basis.

Our aim is for you to be outrageously happy with a plan you can be proud of and a financial future you can feel confident about. Get started on creating your future today!

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With a comprehensive financial plan,

you are more likely to …


Have Greater Levels of Financial Well-Being


Have Greater Peace of Mind


Achieve Your Life Goals

Create Your Future

Create Your Future

Your future depends on what you do today.

Stop winging it and let us help you get more life from your money.

Schedule your 30-minute complimentary session today!

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Building your financial strength with our expertise and knowledge.

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“The future depends on what we do in the present.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

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